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Want to do an interview, need a free premium account to review ZP or need speical artwork/material for an article etc. - please contact game producer:

Thomas B. Krogh-Jacobsen
thomas [at]

Press release Game Server 1.00 launch Jan 2011

Download presskit (images and artwork)

Zombie Pandemic In Short

Zombie Pandemic is a free to play browser games zombie MMORPG. As a player you are trapped in a quarantined city roaming with walking dead. With civilization in chaos you must fight to survive scavenging stores, fighting off the zombies and co-operate with fellow players to escape the city.

Game available at:
YouTube trailer:
Facebook fan page:
Fan Forum:
Game Blog:
Developer: Pixel Pandemic ApS, 2008-2012
Contact: Thomas Jacobsen, Game Producer,

Some of the Zombie Pandemic press coverage:

Pick your Apocalypse on Megaton

There's No Reason to Panic in Zombie Pandemic

Zombie Pandemic reviewed on

Blog of the Living Dead extensively covered the development of ZP

Zombie Place interview on the game review of Zombie Pandemic

Zombie Pandemic is a free to play browser based game.

  • Free online zombie MMORPG.
  • No downloads required.
  • Experience a survival horror MMO with thousands of other players.

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