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The Best Zombie Movies

According to the Zombie Pandemic game development team

We love zombies and we love zombie movies. That was why we started developing our zombie game in the first place.

Before and during the game development of the MMORPG "Zombie Pandemic", we have watched tons of zombie movies looking for inspiration to the project, and we soon decided to share a list of some of our staff favorites.

Though we initially might as well admit we are fans of George Romero and the walking dead TV series on AMC there are a ton of other good zombie movies which are worth checking out.

Another point is that, preparing for the unavoidable zombie pandemic greatly improves your chance of survival and fortunately there are a ton of great movies out there which act as an awesome source of research.

We have to tried to put together a list of the must see and all time best zombie movies but also selected a few comedy titles representing other aspects of the zombie genre.

Feel free to comment, discuss our staff picks or post your favorite zombie movie in the forum (we got a special zombie movie section).

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