Zombie Pandemic is a free MMORPG. Join {characterName} in the fight against the walking dead and start off with a baseball bat for helping {characterGender} out.




Clan rank Members Average level Clan leader
-1 1 34 hendawg

Clan Description

Clan Members

Clan rank Clan rank Clan rank
hendawg 3817 130 34
Zombie Pandemic is a free text based PBBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer roleplaying (MMORPG) post-apocalyptic game.
The game features enriched RPG elements, including advanced combat, a skill tree and use of realistic navigation on a real world map. The game world consist of hundreds of locations offering even more game events and missions in a rich storyline.

The game is currently in beta - free to play for everyone older than 18 year so start playing now